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TASC was founded in December, 1983, at the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. We specialize in the manufacture of total solutions for semiconductors ranging from epitaxial materials for sensing components, die fabrication, component assembly to the production of LED products. We are continuing to refine our production process technologies and efficiencies. Automated production processes have now been introduced in response to market developments. TASC products meet international industrial standards and the needs of professional users. Our talented R&D team and sophisticated manufacturing techniques are continuing to develop even more products that incorporate innovative design and deliver outstanding performance.

At TASC, customer satisfaction is the top priority of our customer service. Our core values guide the provision of professional support, product maintenance, product-related training and technical consulting services that solve the diverse requirements of our clients.

In addition to exalting employees to focus on product quality, we believe in the sustainable coexistence of business and the environment. TASC is therefore a strong advocate for the banning or restricted use of environmentally hazardous substances, as well as environmental safety and health.
In terms of corporate governance, TASC gives priority to the building of a friendly workplace. Health management is promoted to protect the physical and mental well-being of employees, foster sustainable development, and work together to bring about a safe, sustainable living environment free from pollution.
We embrace learning, thinking, and our work. We strive to realize the goal of creating the best products in the world that will revolutionize the future.