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Compensation & Benefits

TASC offers comprehensive salary and benefits. Working at TASC not only enables your professional expertise, but also enjoys work-life balance.


  • Mid-year bonus/ Annual bonus
  • Employee Stock Ownership Trust
  • Employee dividends (When company obtain profit annually, 10-20% of the profit will be allocate into dividends.)
  • Shift Differential/ Full-attendance bonus/ Production bonus


  • Insurance: Except of labor/ health insurance, we also provide free group policy, which includes life insurance/ accident insurance/ major sickness insurance/ Hospitalized insurance/ Cancer insurance.
  • Retirement:Allocates Labor Retirement Reserve Fund by month.
  • Free parking space
  • Uniform
  • Staff canteen
  • Annual health examination
  • Employee of the Month/ Year
  • Travel Allowance

Welfare Committee

  • Mid-autumn festival/ Dragon boat festival/ Labor Day/ Birthday voucher
  • Association allowance
  • Wedding/ Funeral/ Marital subsidy
  • Appointed Stores
  • Clubs
  • Discounted Movie Tickets

Education and Training

TASC provides employees with a comprehensive training system and first-class learning environment, helping to strengthen employees’ professional know-how and expertise, enhance their productivity, and help them realize their full potential.

Management training

Besides general management training courses, TASC also provides management training tailored to the needs of senior managers, middle managers, and lower-level managers.

Specialist training

pecialist training is provided in a number of areas, including production, sales, human resources, R&D and finance, etc. Specialist training courses are provided at both Basic and Advanced levels.

Personal development training

Foreign language, computer skills and second specialization training.

Common training

Common training includes initial training for new personnel, quality management training, health and safety training, and instructor cultivation training.

Recruitment Channels

If you are interested in working with us at TASC, you can check information about vacancies on 104 Job Bank website, and submit your resume or CV.

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