Quality Policy

Quality Excellence, Sustainability and Environmental Protection, and Friendly Workplace

TASC has adopted a total quality approach to products, the environment, safety, and health. We are continuing to refine our processes and operations to improve quality, ban and reduce the use of environmentally sensitive substances, protect the environment, conserve energy, reduce waste, as well as promote safety and health. We strive to create inclusive living spaces, fulfill our ESH responsibility to customers and the enterprise, build a friendly workplace, promote health management, protect the physical and mental well-being of employees, promote continuous development and realize an environmental for sustainable living.

Enforce Standards, Demonstrate Performance, Communication and Engagement

Education along with harmonious and constructive communications are used to enhance employee understanding and engagement on product quality, ban and restrictions on the use of environmentally sensitive substances, and ESH performance. This in turn helps employees understand and comply with product and ESH regulations, manufacture products that satisfy or even surpass the requirements and expectations of clients and stakeholders, establish a safe living environment free from pollution, and ultimately demonstrate the performance of our management systems.