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“Taiwan-Asia Semiconductor Corporation Website” Privacy Policy Statement

Welcome to the “Taiwan-Asia Semiconductor Corporation” website (hereafter referred to as “this Website.”). To ensure your peace of mind while using the services and information provided on this Website, the Privacy Policy of this Website is being introduced here to help you protect your rights. Please read through the following content:

一、Scope of Privacy Policy

The privacy policy covers how this Website handles personal identifiable data collected while you are using the website services. The Privacy Policy does not apply to external linked websites. It does not apply to personnel not commissioned by this Website or plays in a role in the operation of market.

二、Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data

  • When you visit this Website or use the functional services provided by this Website, we will ask you to provide essential personal details based on the nature of the service accessed. Your personal information will then be processed and used within the scope of that service. Your personal information will not be used by this Website for any other purpose without your written approval.
  • When you use this Website’s interactive functions such as support e-mail and questionnaire survey, the name, e-mail, contact method and usage time you provided will be retained.
  • A log is automatically kept by the server of general browsing activity. The log includes the IP address of your connecting device, usage time, browser used, browsing and data selection logs. The information will be used as a reference by us for improving the Website’s services. Such logs are for internal use only and will not be published.

三、Protection of Data

  • The servers of this Website are all equipped with cybersecurity equipment and the necessary protective measures such as firewalls and anti-virus systems to keep the website secure. Your personal information is also protected behind tight security and may only be accessed by authorized personnel. All such personnel have signed confidentiality agreements and will suffer legal repercussions if they should violate their duty of confidentiality.
  • If another unit must be commissioned to provide services due to business requirements, this Website will ensure that the provider complies with their duty of confidentiality. The necessary inspection procedures will also be conducted to ensure proper enforcement.

四、External Links

The pages of this Website provide links to other websites. You may can also open other websites by tapping on their link. The Privacy Policy of this Website does not apply to such links. You should refer to the privacy policy of the linked website instead.

五、Policy on Sharing of Personal Data with Third-Parties

This Website will not supply, exchange, lease, or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private businesses, or government agencies unless it’s required by law or a contractual obligation.

Exceptions to the above include but are not limited to:

  • With your written permission.
  • Stipulated by law.
  • To prevent harm to your life, body, freedom or assets.
  • When required for statistical or academic research that is in the public interest in partnership with government agencies or research institutions. The data must also have been processed by the provider or collector so that the disclosure contains no personally identifiable person.
  • If your activities on the Website is in violation of the Terms of Use, may harm or interfere with the rights of the Website or other users, or results in damage to any party, the website administrator may disclose your personal information if it’s necessary for identification, contact, or legal action.
  • It is in your interest.
  • This Website will conduct due diligence and supervise vendors commissioned to assist with the collection, processing or use of your personal information.

六、Use of Cookies

To provide you with the best service, this Website will store and access our cookie on your computer. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can configure your browser’s privacy level to High and reject all cookies. This may however prevent the normal execution of certain website functions.

七、Privacy Policy Amendment

The privacy policy of this website is subject to change at any time if necessary. Any changes to the privacy policy will be published on the website.