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The human rights and labor rights of employees are important to TASC. We provide employees with a safe workplace along with equal and diverse opportunities for education, training and career development to create a productive and happy ambiance at work. We believe that the ability of the company to attract and retain even more talented people depends on a comprehensive compensation and benefits package.

Compensation Packages and Benefits



Employee compensation and benefits are important to TASC. Compensation packages include the base salary, stipends, and bonuses. Annual salary surveys along with overall economic indices, and cost of living index are used to gage the standard of compensation in the industry so that our compensation can be adjusted to increase their attractiveness and attract more talent to the company. Employee compensation is assessed on the basis of their role, professional skills, education, seniority, and personal performance. All are treated equally regardless of gender, race, religion, or political affiliation.



TASC guarantees the retirement benefits of employees. Under the “Labor Standards Act” and “Labor Pension Act”, for employees under the new pension scheme (Labor Pension Act) 6% of their insured monthly salary is deposited in their personal pension account every month. For employees on the old pension system (Labor Standards Act) or those that chose the new system but retained their seniority under the old system, a “Pension Supervision Committee” was set up with monthly contributions made to the pension reserve fund based on actuarial reports; Our retirement conditions are better than those in the Labor Standards Act and are among the best in the industry. We hope this will ensure employees’ peace of mind in retirement.



In terms of employee life and benefits, TASC strives to provide an even higher quality of life. By encouraging a healthier lifestyle, we improve employee health and morale, boost their productivity, build a healthy corporate structure and improve competitiveness. Benefits include marital, bereavement, and childbirth subsidies, support payments, socialization payments, birthday bonus, and holiday bonuses (Labor Day, Dragonboat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival). Clean and well-appointed working environments equipped with recreational facilities (e.g., Library and employee break room) provide employees and clubs with safe and appropriate activity spaces.

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Safe Working Environment

TASC makes the cultivation of a safe working environment our mission. We implement safety and health management in accordance with the relevant laws. ISO 45001 (Occupational Safety and Health Management System) and CNS 45001 (Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System, TOSHMS) certification have both been obtained. Standard operating procedures have been established for all safety and health tasks within the fab. These include chemical management, automated inspection management, employee training management, change management, health management, emergency response, high-risk operations management, ergonomic injury prevention, prevention of unlawful infringement in the workplace, maternal protection, prevention of overwork, mechanical equipment management, and contractor management. The management mechanisms strive to eliminate potential risk factors for accidents, personal injury, and unhealthiness in the workplace, and provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.




All mechanical equipment must undergo change management and risk assessment before introduction to ensure the effective management and safe commissioning of all mechanical equipment. First, the safety protection devices (e.g., Safety interlocks, machine hazard markings) and environment, safety, and health hazards are reviewed. Safety improvements are proposed by the industrial safety unit if there are any safety concerns. Equipment vendors must comply with the fab’s contractor industrial safety and health management regulations during installation. A safety function check is performed on machines before acceptance along with employee education and training to ensure that the safety management scheme is enforced.

To realize source management for chemicals, a review procedure was defined by TASC for the introduction of new chemicals and to reduce the impact of new chemicals on existing operations within the fab. On the user side, environmental monitoring in the workplace is carried out every six months to keep track of the current working environment and assess worker exposure. If there are any anomalies in the monitored results then corrective action will be implemented before monitoring again to ensure that exposure is in line with law.

TASC has established an emergency response organization and drawn up emergency response plans for different scenarios to ensure that we are prepared for all eventualities. These response procedures cover emergencies such as fire/fire alarm, chemical spill. Gas leak, black out, earthquake, abnormal emissions by pollution control equipment, typhoon, first-aid and infectious diseases. Different types of education and training are arranged for each team within the emergency response organization. Regular emergency response drills are also held to ensure the validity of training.

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Employees are a company’s most important asset and are crucial to the company’s sustainable growth. It is therefore our responsibility to provide employees with a safe environment to work in. To prevent occupational injuries, employee training is as important as the installation of safety and health facilities. The training program includes training for new hires, in-service training, and competency training. These not only strengthen employees’ ESH awareness, responsibility and understanding but also strengthen the personal competency of employees.

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Healthy employees help improve work quality, efficiency, and help foster a more vibrant workplace. TASC is also responsible for providing a healthy workplace, fostering a healthy atmosphere in the workplace, and promotion of sustainable health management. We therefore take an active interest in employee healthcare activities including the organizing of periodic employee health exams, injury/sickness support and health guidance. Occupational medicine specialists visit our fabs to provide on-site health services, organize health promotion and screening activities, and more. We seek to establish the mindset for health self-management in employees’ attitudes to life and their actions.

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