Partner CSR Section


TASC is committed to continuous improvement of corporate social responsibilities and we hope to join hands with our suppliers and business partners to jointly commit to continuous improvements in social responsibilities, environmental protection responsibilities, occupational health, and safety performance, maintenance of good labor relations, and take actions to meet RBA requirements.

We undertake to meet the following requirements for continuous improvement:

1. To comply with the laws and regulations of local government authorities in the regions where we operate;
2. To create a safe, healthy, environmentally-friendly working environment;
3. To treat our employees with fairness, equity and respect;
4. To maintain honest business practices and establish a high standard of corporate ethics;
5. To ensure supplier compliance with RBA/SA8000 standards.

We shall take effective action to comply with the stipulations of the RBA Code of Conduct, and we undertake to comply with all requirements made by the RBA and made in relation to the SA8000 standard. The RBA website address is:

If you discover illegal activities, please report to the Company through the contact information provided in the stakeholders section.