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Internal Audit

  • The auditing office of our company, an independent unit, attached to the board of directors is responsible for the inspection and evaluation of company’s internal control to promote TASC’s operating performance.
  • A chief officer and several staff are appointed in the auditing office. All of them should be with the qualifications which FSC requests for; also, they are requested to pursue continuing education on the internal audit-related professional each year. The name list of the internal auditors should be completely declared by the end of January each year on MOPS.
  • In accordance with “Public companies to establish guidelines to deal with internal control system,” issued by the FSC Securities and Futures Bureau, TASC establish “Internal Control System” and “Rules for the Implementation of Internal Audit” as guidelines for the practice of the internal audit in TASC. Auditing Office drafts an audit plan annually. Through a whole year, the office inspects the items of sales and receipt cycle, procurement and payment cycle, production cycle, labor and wage cycle, property, plant and equipment cycle, the financing cycle, the investment cycle, R & D cycle, cycle of electronic data processing operations, management and control operations, the monthly derivatives transactions operations, a quarterly basis loans to other parties, endorsements, guarantees operations. The implementation of the audit procedure is designed by the auditing office. The staff of the office interview people from each division and inspect their operation. The auditors keep notes in their working journal during the inspection and edit their comments to be a report. With the inspection and evaluation of internal control system, they provide with suggestions for improvement to ensure the system is implemented continuously and effectively. They, then, present the achievements of the improvement as references for the board of directors and general manager for an overall evaluation on the effectiveness of the internal control system and for formulating Internal Control System Statements, which will be published in the annual report each year.
  • TASC’s auditing office, in accordance with FSC Securities and Futures Bureau, declared completely the following online reporting within the prescribed time limit.
    • By the end of December, to finish declaring【The Annual Audit Plan】of next year.】
    • By the end of January, to declare【The Information on Auditors】of the current year.
    • By the end of February, to declare the【The Status of Implementation of The Audit Plan】of the year before last.
    • By the end of March, to announce the【Internal Control System Statements】of the year before last.
    • By the end of May, to declare【The Status of Correction of Defects and Irregularities of Internal Control Systems】of the year before last.